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Puppet On A String

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You think you got a hold on us
You made blood money controlling us
You think you pulled the wool over us
But you don’t pull our strings

You steal from us to feed your own
Better watch out
Your cover’s blown
Watch this space coz time will show
That you don’t pull our strings

You sit in an ivory tower of lies
You cover your ears and close your eyes
You laugh with the devil while liberty dies
But soon you’ll pay

I can’t wait to see you caught
Your neck thrown over the chopping block
Karmas gonna getcha
Ready or not coz
Even you don’t pull her strings

And all your money won’t save you’re skin
The day of reckoning’s closing in
You preyed on the weak turned your back on the sick
Now pay for it

Scheming eyes pretend to cry
You're so ugly when you lie
You'll be a sinner until the day that you die
Because you prayed for this

You think that we don’t see you now
Bumbling around with no way out
Watch out baby who’s laughing now
Coz we can see your strings

We can see your strings