1. In Time

From the recording What Comes Next

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In Time

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I find myself exhausted
From a game I hate to play
Made bitter by the lies I hear in everything I say
I stumble on a turn of phrase I use to hide my truth
If nothing comes from nothing
What the hell am I to do?

Injustice is expected
Yet I fight it all the same
Tear myself to pieces for
A battle lost in vain
The problem with this place Is that it doesn’t see, it counts;
Treats you like a number
‘Til it slowly wears you down

Oooh... Why am I still here?
Did someone bind my feet?
If I can’t free myself
Can I still be me?
Don’t look to me for answers
Coz I just don’t give a damn I am here by accident; none of it was planned

I stumbled in so blindly
Never meant to stay so long
I rue the day I settled and I envy those who’ve gone
Habit is a trap that makes you live as if you’re blind;
I only hope I get to go away from here in time