1. In Time

From the recording In Time

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‘In Time’ is a dark and decadent lament, filled with emotion, and just a hint of Parisian jazz club for added spice…
(It even features a toy mole in the percussion section!)

For anyone left physically and emotionally exhausted by the daily grind… For all who grow weary of casual lies and broken promises… For everyone forced to wear a fake smile - while secretly screaming inside - day after day after day… This song is for YOU. 😉


I find myself exhausted
From a game I hate to play
Made bitter by the lies
I hear in everything I say

I stumble on a turn of phrase
I use to hide my truth
If nothing comes from nothing
What the hell am I to do?

Injustice is expected
Yet I fight it all the same
Tear myself to pieces for
A battle lost in vain

The problem with this place
Is that it doesn’t see, it counts;
Treats you like a number
‘Til it slowly wears you down...

Oooh... Why am I still here?
Did someone bind my feet?
If I can’t free myself...
Can I still be me?

Don’t look to me for answers
Coz I just don’t give a damn
I am here by accident; none of it was planned...

I stumbled in so blindly
Never meant to stay so long...
I rue the day I settled and
I envy those who’ve gone...

Habit is a trap that makes you live as if you’re blind;
I only hope I get to go away from here in time...