Nothing Can Change This Love 

As Jen decided to catch tonsillitis(!) Simon once again stepped up to the plate to bring you this week’s Sofa Session… 

As you may know, Simon is a long-time fan of the velvet-voiced Sam Cooke. So as a follow-up to last week’s A Change Is Gonna Come, he’s performed another one of his favourites; Nothing Can Change This Love. 

Released on August 23rd 1962, the song was recorded late after midnight - just hours before Sam was due to hit the road for his latest tour… 

As musicians we are used to burning the candle at both ends for the sake of our art! And most of the time it is absolutely worth it… But sometimes you do have to be firm with yourselves and hit that ‘pause’ button. 

None of us are robots. We all need rest and fuel to survive. And as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and Jen a tonsillitis-ridden girl!) 

So this week we invite you all to stop and smell the roses… To take time out from your own busy schedules to check in with yourself. To get some fresh air; watch a movie; eat something yummy and/or just curl up with a soothing cup of hot tea… 

It doesn’t need to be much. It doesn’t need to take long. It just needs to make you slow down…breathe a little more deeply...and relax. Even if only for a few precious moments. 

It’s easy to take on too much; it’s not so easy to say, “enough.” 

So go on… Give yourself a little break. 

You’re worth it. 

This is 'Nothing Can Change This Love.'  We hope you enjoy it.

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