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In Time

Tomorrow Bird

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‘In Time’ is a dark and decadent lament, filled with emotion, and with just a hint of Parisian jazz club thrown in for added spice…

It is a cry of despair, an act of defiance, and a demand for justice - all rolled into one sultry musical package…

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Tomorrow Bird is an award-winning acoustic duo, featuring the combined forces of solo artist Jen Bird, and Simon Driscoll from folk- rock band, Burnt Tomorrow. 

Drawing musical influences from folk, country and Americana bands (such as The Civil Warstheir haunting melodies and heart-felt lyrics have transfixed audiences and marked them out as a band to watch!   

Their song 'What Comes Next' won the 2022 GSMC Music Award for Single of the Year.  And their new album is in the works and due for release this June!

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